HDR Fusion App = Very Fast HDR

For those that enjoy HDR photography, HDR Fusion for the iPhone is a good app to have with you if a quick capture time is important. This app boots up and captures shots very quickly. To take a photo you have to click on the standard camera icon at the bottom of the screen (it is not a full tap screen). You can set a delay of up to 10 seconds before the shutter fires and the final image size (I always go with large).

When the shutter fires you’ll notice a crosshair appear in a bright region of the screen, and a few moments later the dark region. It does this light/dark analysis VERY quickly compared to other apps I’ve used, which is very nice if there is a bit of motion in your shot. The two images have now been captured and the app begins to fuse the two shots together. Once fused you get the option to save the shot or cancel.

This app is really fast when capturing the two images, and the HDR shot is rather nice. I often find it just a bit warm in some situations, and the contrast seems a bit low in some shots. You can always choose to deal with those issues in other apps if you need to, but HDR is often a very personal choice 🙂

The following images were all captured on the fly with a handheld iPhone, and the exact position is not identical between shots. I also reduced the size a bit (in future I’ll post things to Flickr for full size – still debating what to do with some things on this blog), but you can click on the image for a slightly bigger version.

This first image was captured with HDR Fusion this afternoon. I also grabbed shots using the built in camera with the HDR option turned on and Pro HDR (I’ll definitely discuss this one in the future).

Using HDR Fusion
Using built in camera with HDR
Using HDR Fusion
Built in camera HDR
Using Pro HDR

This app does not allow you to choose to different exposures from your image library and doesn’t save the two different exposures to your library as can be done in Pro HDR.

I highly recommend this app if you are interested in quickly capturing HDR images in those cases where it is important.

For those interested in HDR Fusion, here is the relevant info.

iTunes: Download
WWW: http://www.cogitap.com/hdrfusion/instructions.htm
Cost: $1.99 in US
Output resolution: 1926×2588 (full on iPhone 4).

From the iTunes description:

HDR photography is fun… Waiting minutes to get the results is not! Introducing HDR Fusion, now capture real HDR pictures faster than ever!

Featuring real time image analysis and ultra fast image processing, HDR Fusion has been designed so that you can quickly catch those unique moments. Simply launch the app, tap the shutter button and preview the result almost instantly!


● Real HDR pictures using under/over exposed pictures
● Ultra-fast image processing – Four times faster than competitors!
● Automatic mode with real time image analysis
● Manual mode with exposure points selection
● Rapid mode switching
● Handy Self-Timer

Check out the ‘iPhone – HDR Fusion‘ user group on Flickr for amazing samples!

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  1. Thank you, I’ve been very curious about this app, but I would love to know if it holds up to Pro HDR (that I already have). Judging by your images it seems they use exposure fusion without focus stacking; rather than the usual HDR with the usual extreme tone mapping.

    1. Glad this helped out. Pro HDR is still my favorite, but it definitely isn’t the fastest 🙂

      One really good reason for HDR Fusion is if you want to get a good quick shot of a pet – this was my favorite shot with the app.

      Dog on Hike

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