Weekend Sale/Freebies

There are several apps that are on sale this weekend that you don’t want to miss out on. Phoster, ToonPaint, and Photo Soft Box. ToonPaint was recently updated amid a bit of controversy over in-app purchases, change of the UI, adding full resolution but removing a smoothing feature. So this weekend you can get that one for free! The others are are mere buck (or $0.99 if you forget the penny).

Don’t miss out on ToonPaint. I use it a lot. The developers do listen to feedback if you drop them an email in the app.

Links are here, along with shots that made use of each app (although more than one app was used for each).

Sample shot that used ToonPaint.

Sample Shot that used Phoster (it was my first time playing with it, I’ll review in the future).

Sample shot that used Photo Soft Box.
Day Old Sip

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