Collage Camera: First Version Shows Promise

Collage Camera (on iTunes) for the iPhone was released yesterday and is currently selling at an introductory price of $0.99. It allows you to make a collage effect using a single photo that you can snap or pull from your library. You can then choose from several collage templates and backgrounds. The highest output resolution is 600×800 (some templates are smaller) when saving the image to your iPhone.

The app is very easy to use and seems stable (no crashes yet on my iPhone 4). Hopefully the resolution will be increased in a future update, along with more templates.

Other things that could make this a bit more interesting in the future include: having the segmented parts of the image tilt along with the small frames, when you shake your iPhone it “shakes” the tiles around to random positions/rotations, and when editing the placement of your image an overlay of the current collage structure could be displayed.

Click on any of these images for the full size version.

Official app description from iTunes:

“Collage Camera” is a unique application that adds a collage effect to your photo turning it into an amazing piece of art.

* 10 different collage templates and styles [5 Landscape templates + 5 Portrait templates]
* 18 different backgrounds to be applied to your photos
* Taking photos using the iPhone camera
* Loading photos from iPhone/iPod Touch photo library
* Adjusting the position of your photo inside the collage template
* Photos can be saved to the photo library and can be copied to the paste board.
* Photos can be shared with your friends via Facebook, Twitpic, and E-mail.
* The recent collage templates and backgrounds used are saved as the default.

If you want it new and inspiring when normal photos are no longer interesting, then “Collage Camera” is the solution. Now you can surprise your friends with a new look of your photos with “Collage Camera” effects.

Our mission is to make your life as interesting as you wish it to be, you can now collage your photos in High Resolution. In addition to that, you can adjust your photo before applying the collage effect – by zooming, re-sizing or changing position – so that you can set your collage at the perfect orientation and get the perfect desired result.

As we know Portraits & Landscapes photos have got different details to view, that’s why we created different templates for each that suit all tastes so that we can capture each and every detail of your life.
With different templates, different backgrounds, and with different positions you will be having full control on the resultant collaged photo.

If your collaged photo is finally ready, save it to your photo library, caption it, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or send it via e-mail.

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