Plastic Bullet for iPhone Shoots Straight!

Plastic Bullet for iPhone is one of those apps that can really bring a smile to your face. It has a very simple interface. You get the option to take a picture or load one from your library. After that you simply get to see four random variations of your shot where Plastic Bullet adds light leaks, vignettes, blur effects and organic, offbeat colors. If you click the Randomize button again you get four more. This can go on forever. If you find one you like you simply say you “love” that shot by clicking on a small heart. Then you can save to library or share it on Flickr or Facebook.

You can learn more about Plastic Bullet on the website, or on iTunes. Current cost in the US is $1.99.

I set up a sample of several shots in this collection on Flickr. The first shot of each series is the original one with no effect applied. A few of the shots are shown below. One feature I’d like to see in a future version is the ability to make the “gritty” black border/frame optional (easy to see in last shot below).

If you’d like a very simple app that creates some really nice shots Plastic Bullet is easily worth it.

Sample Shots: Plastic Bullet App (orig)
Original shot of flowers.

Sample Shots: Plastic Bullet App
Flowers with random effect from Plastic Bullet.

Sample Shots: Plastic Bullet App (orig)
Evening shot before Plastic Bullet.

Sample Shots: Plastic Bullet App

Evening shot after effect from Plastic Bullet.

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