ToonPaint Updated: Smoothing Returns

ToonPaint 2.1 was released last night. The smoothing feature, which had been removed, is back in a new form. I’ll give it a shot and see how things look 🙂

Listing of what’s new:

– New smoothing system
– Photo and Paint color pickers
– Bugfixes related to paint alignment on image output and app crashes
– The “Auto Color” optional feature has been renamed “ToonColor” and
“Alpha Brush” optional feature has been renamed “Photo Brush” to reduce confusion.
– A new Preferences window has been added to toggle “Classic Zoom” (two finger zooming while painting without having to tap the Pan/Zoom button).

It can be downloaded on iTunes.

Update: I’ve played with a bit with version 2.1 and it fixed several bugs I’d reported in prior version. The smoothing also seems to be working properly. Good update to grab.

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