Favorite Vacation Shot

I spent a bit more than a week out in Boulder, Colorado. The mountains were gorgeous. I did some hiking, some jogging, and even did a 5k race. Let me just say…running a 5k race at that altitude requires a bit of altitude adjustment. I hadn’t quite adjusted yet 🙂 My time was a decent 21 minutes, but the last mile was brutal and I couldn’t stop coughing afterwards for about 30 minutes.

I’m glad to be back to a more reasonable altitude.

On the plane I had time to play with Tiny Planet Photos, ToonPaint, Image Blender, and Camera+ to edit a shot I took of the front of a church. I really enjoyed the result.

Tiny Jesus 1

On this other version I used PictureShow (and not ToonPaint) while getting the gritty look. Still haven’t decided which one I prefer. Both I guess 🙂

Tiny Jesus 2

One of the more interesting features of editing on the iPhone is that you can’t really “step back” as you do with programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom so it is somewhat difficult to remember what you actually do in some cases (I think I do far too much tweaking when sitting on a plane).

This weekend I’ll do a post describing how I created this image using the various apps (all of which need to be on your iPhone!).

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