Quick Review: PixelScope

PixelScope is a new iPhone app which lets you capture a pixelated view of the world using several different 8bit modes. It displays a realtime view on the screen where you can snap a shot (you can’t pixelate a shot from your library).

The output resolution is really low, just 320×480 on my iPhone 4. A fun app just to watch the pixelated world, but not if you plan to print the output.

Currently PixelScope is free on iTunes, so you might as well try it out 🙂

Here are a few things that could be added to the next version:

  • Increased resolution
  • Allow user to adjust parameters on the pixelation modes (size, contrast, etc.)
  • Let the user choose an image from the library.

A sample shot (full resolution) of my weekend coffee shop is below.

Image taken with PixelScope
Image taken with PixelScope

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