handyEraser Needs More Pixels!

Screenshot of handyEraser
Screenshot of handyEraser
A new app for the iPhone called handyEraser was released yesterday. The basic functionality is to remove backgrounds of photos and then save it as a PNG. You can do this both automatically and manually. In the automatic mode you set a threshold and then tap your finger on the color area you want to remove. In manual mode you just drag a virtual eraser around with your finger (you can adjust the radius of the eraser).

Overall I found the app relatively easy to use. Unfortunately, the output resolution had a maximum width and/or height of 600 pixels on my iPhone 4. Hopefully this resolution will be increased in the future. It also found it a bit frustrating that you couldn’t zoom in on the image while using the app. Also, when clicking on the screen the eraser would often jump to a location not exactly where your finger was. This led to me using the undo button many times. A sample image is shown below.

This app is currently free on iTunes.


The app for erasing the background of photographs.
For example, to enjoy closet, wardrobe apps for managing fashion items, virtual coordinate,
it’s very important to make background of fashion items’ photo transparent.

By using this app, we can make background transparent,
very quickly and easily.

We can undo up to 20 times.

How to use.
1. load image from camera or photo album
2. select ‘Auto’ or ‘manual’
3. use slider and determine ‘Auto level’ or ‘manual erasing area’
4. move cursor by touch
5. Save to photo album ( Of course the transparency is kept )
6. Use the saved photo by other apps ( for example, ‘RealCloset’, ‘Arrange Wardrobe’, etc… )

The original image with the yellow wall background was 1936 × 2592 pixels. The output from handyEraser was 448 × 600. They are scaled to the same size for easy comparison. I tried to do some manual work in the app for the output image, but without being able to zoom in I was having a tough time cleaning it all up, but I was close in about a minute. The final image would work pretty well if I wanted to use it in Image Blender. Click on either image for a closer look.

Ring against Yellow Wall Ring with Wall Removed

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