WordFoto Spells Impact

Wanted: NFL GamesA new app called WordFoto was recently released. It lets you create poster-like images which have immediate impact and easily express your views on a shot.

There are reviews on Appotography and LifeInLofi. The review on Appotography is a bit negative at the end saying the app isn’t really memorable. I think the app is very memorable since you can easily make some “impact” shots. As LifeInLofi points out, it is very useful for specific situations. I really liked the comparison to Percolator which is another app that can create memorable images in specific situations. These apps won’t work on all images, but you quickly learn which ones work well.

I think this will be particularly interesting when used in combination with layers/mask effects in PhotoForge2, although I haven’t tried anything yet. In a future version it would be really nice if there was a quick reset feature for when you fine tune the image and a few of the advanced controls felt a bit clunky, but overall the app is superb for a version 1.0.

Here are a few shots that I created. Each took less than a minute. Click on any for a larger view on Flickr. There is also a WordFoto Flickr Group with some amazing shots by talented people.

Dan @ 40 Day, Begin, News Three Cups

Definitely worth $1.99 (on iTunes). Even if you don’t use it every day, it is really nice to have this one every now and then.

The description from iTunes:

You’ve probably heard the tired cliche about a picture being worth a thousand words. We’ve taken this phrase quite literally and created WordFoto, an app that turns photos and words into amazing typographic works of art.

Feature Highlights:

– Fast and fully automated word filling algorithm.
– Manual word filling fine tune parameters.
– Inspect detail in zoomable preview.
– Eight unique preset styles.
– User defined custom styles with lots of parameters.
– Import images from photo album or camera.
– Crop editor.
– Manage and create your own word sets.
– Resulting word images are full resolution.
– Save, email or share on Facebook.
– Save original and cropped original.

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