Shape Collage v1.0, Stability & Resolution Issues

Shape Collage is an iPhone app that was released earlier today. It allows you to choose a number of photos to create a collage in shape. I gave it a quick spin and it was a bit unstable (1 crash in 3 tries). The output resolution seems to maximize at 1024px on the long side.

It is just version 1.0.0, so there is lots of room for improvement. Here quick sample where I just selected a few images (so there are numerous duplicates). In the app there is a select all option, which would be very nice for an album of selected images. Click on it for full size image.

Sample Image from Shape Collage
Sample Image from Shape Collage

You can download Shape Collage on iTunes. It is a free app at this time.

Description from iTunes:

Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage maker that takes your photos in your iPhone or iPod Touch and creates collages in different shapes in just seconds with only a few taps. Shape Collage can arrange your photos to form the shape of a heart, circle, word, and other shapes.

You can create a collage with up to 100 photos and the photos are intelligently placed to make the collage look good. You can save the collage to your photo library, email it, or share your collage on Facebook or Twitter.

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    1. I’d selected photos and went with the basic rectangle shape. I then chose the back button and selected the Text option. I tried to start typing and that is when it went down. Hope that helps out.

      I was on iPhone 4 with the latest iOS.

  1. Just to let you know, we’ve updated our iPhone app to solve the crashing problem that you encountered.

    Unfortunately, the collages can still only be up to 1024 pixels in either width or height because of restrictions with Apple’s iOS platform. If you want to create really high resolution collages for printing, the desktop application available from our website is much more powerful and capable of generating such collages.

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