Photogene for iPad Updated to v3.0

Photogene was one of the very early photo editing apps for the iPhone and iPad and it has always been one of the most useful and stable apps out there (I’ll be honest, I don’t think it has ever crashed on me). The version for the iPad was updated this morning to version 3.0.

According to the author, this update includes localized effects, collage maker, Picasa upload & more. I tried it out this morning and found the updates very nice, particularly the localized effects and the A/B toggle switch to see the effect of tweaks you make. Below are several pictures from the app. Click on them to see full size version on Flickr.

Overall, this is one of those apps that should be on your iPad. I hope their will be an iPhone update in the future 🙂

More info can be found on the Mobile Pond Home Page, and you can download Photogene for iPad on iTunes (currently $2.99).


The superb full screen curve editor.


Toggling the before/after switch (upper right) to see if I like my curve change.


Applying a regional greyscale effect.


Checking the contour of my mask.


Zoomed in on image and applying a different effect to another region.


Getting ready to check the before/after of the regional changes.




The new collage feature – maximum resolution is 2048px on the longest side.

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