iOS 5 and iCloud Bring New Photo Features

Earlier today at the WWDC Apple presented the upcoming iOS, iCloud, and OSX 10.7. I’m really excited about the quick syncing of photos between multiple devices. I use Photo Transfer app (a great app) to do that right now and it works exactly as it should, but it still required me to choose certain photos before sending them to another location. Very simple, but not quite as simple as having photos just “appear” on the other device.

It will of course be interesting to see exactly how all the syncing works. Will certain apps become obsolete due to specific features in iOS 5, or will the developers get access to many new APIs so they can improve on their products beyond what Apple provides? Will new features cause any websites to close up shop? Always lots of questions with a new operating system.

New camera app in iOS5

Since Apple is adding some minor editing features to the new Camera app (red-eye reduction, auto-enhance, and cut/crop) I have a feeling there are a lot of APIs related just to imaging, so I’m excited to see what developers will be able to do with them!

I’m also so glad that Apple is allowing the volume button to snap a photo, and quick access to the camera on the lock screen. So many little things will make such a difference. I’m also so glad to hear the phrase “cutting the cord” (and the cute little cut cable icon).

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