Dermandar: Panoramic 360 with Ying-Yang

A new app (currently free) called Dermandar for iPhone was released earlier today. It allows you to create 360 degree panoramic shots.

GUI of Dermandar App
GUI of Dermandar App


  • Easily create a panorama up to 360 degrees in no time.
  • Current version requires a gyro. Soon we will provide a version that uses the compass (for 3gs).
  • Just click and start rotating the device, the app will automatically shoot every while and the images will be turned into a large panoramic image in few seconds.
  • Share the panorama on social media (Twitter, Facebook).
  • By uploading the panorama on Dermandar website, you will be able to embed it interactively in a blog/website.
  • A free Flash/HTML5 viewer will let you share your unique creation very easily with all your friend

I gave it a quick try while standing in my kitchen (I’m a single guy…so might not be spotless!). It has a very unique interface. As you turn the ying-yang symbols get closer together. When they touch it takes a snapshot. You keep spinning around and the app will stop taking photos when you’ve done the full 360. It saves the full stitched picture to your camera. Mine was 5920×795 pixels (have only tried one so far).

You also have the option of uploading the image to a website where it will be hosted. When viewed on the iPhone the panoramic is done with HTML5, but when I looked on my computer I got a Flash interface. It would be nice if that was also HTML5.

This was my first try, and overall it came out pretty well. It gave me two refrigerators so it had a bit of a stitching problem. Since it was my first attempt (and hadn’t read any instructions) I may have been moving too quickly at the time, or not properly tapping to end (I just glanced at the instructions…very quick and helpful read). I saw no settings anywhere for location data, and when I did the upload to the website it didn’t seem to keep that info for the map. I’ll look in to that later tonight.

Take a peek at my kitchen if you dare 🙂

Overall it seems like a very good initial release and definitely worth giving it a try. There are several similar apps for panoramic images including: 360 Panorama (my personal favorite), Panoramic 360, and Photosynth (to name just a few).

You can download Dermandar from iTunes or visit their website.

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