Funky Shots With Slow Shutter Cam

I used to try to head out every weekend and at least get in a few shots with my DSLR, and I always enjoyed spending a bit of time doing some long exposure experimental shots. Some amazing images can be created this way. My DSLR continues to get less use since I have my iPhone with me all the time, so I needed a nice app for long exposures.

Slow Shutter Cam (currently $0.99 on iTunes) is one of several apps that allows you to do long exposure shots, and it is my favorite. It has continued to be updated and improved since it was originally released at the start of 2010. The full description from iTunes is below.

Car on Road

Here are a two shots I created using Slow Shutter Cam. I took the shot above while I was standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change. I think I set it for a 1/4 second exposure in the manual setting. It was still relatively bright out so I knew it would be overexposed. A car was pulling up to the stop light next to me and that was the big dark region at the bottom. I was sweeping my hand horizontally a bit and the hazy area at the top was a house on the other side of the street. I then tweaked the photo a bit with PhotoForge 2.

This other shot was taken around sunset near a church on my street. In this case I wasn’t moving my hand very much since I wanted the steeple to be clear enough to see. To tweak the colors I once again used PhotoForge 2 (that and Camera+ are probably my two favorite apps right now).

Church and Power

If you want to see more photos taken with this app drop by the iPhone Slow Shutter Cam App Group on Flickr.

One of these days (or nights!) I’ll get around to playing with light trails a bit more. Always more to do…

For additional information you can check out a review on Life In Lofi, or watch this review from YouTube.


How many times have you tried to capture artful images with your iPhone camera but were left wishing you had more features to work with? Slow Shutter Cam puts an end to mere snapshots and gives you some of the most powerful features of a DSLR camera. All this, in a package that fits in your pocket.

Slow Shutter Cam offers three capture modes to capture unique images:

AUTOMATIC: Equivalent to the shutter priority mode on a DSLR, the Automatic mode is perfect for creating ghost images, waterfall effects or suggesting movement in your photographs by adding a blur. This mode also features automatic exposure compensation so that your pictures are always perfectly exposed, no matter the shutter speed selected!

MANUAL: In low light conditions, the Manual mode allows the camera to accumulate every photon of light hitting the sensor. The longer the shutter speed, the more light it will accumulate. You can even fine-tune the result using the exposure compensation slider to achieve the exact effect you want!

LIGHT TRAIL: The Light Trail mode allows you to ‘paint’ with light, show car light trails and fireworks or capture any other moving light in a unique way. Unlike shooting with a DSLR and being tied to specific rigid settings to obtain good results, the Light Trail mode takes care of the essentials, letting your creativity soar. Featuring live preview, you can even watch your work progress in real time!


● Full resolution support
● Innovative ‘freeze’ control
● Selectable shutter speeds
● Exposure compensation
● Tap to adjust exposure
● Exposure lock (from shot to shot)
● Handy Self-Timer

Additionally, the Light Trail mode offers:

● Real time live preview
● Selectable sensitivity levels
● Smart exposure

With Slow Shutter Cam on your iPhone or iPod touch you get the features of a DSLR camera with the convenience of a device that you can drop in your pocket and take with you wherever you go. Download it now and put an end to mere snapshots!

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