Phoster Updated, New Templates & More

Phoster is a really nice Univeral app (currently $1.99 on iTunes) that can make some rather interesting poster-like shots. I made this one just for fun, primarily so the speaker would get a good laugh before the conference 🙂
"Facts do not speak."
Phoster 1.2.0 adds several new features and improvements.
• 6 more new templates.
• Background color options.
• new manual added.
• flickr upload available.
• exporting to instagram available.
• exporting to other photo apps.
• bluetooth keyboard available.
• high-definition supporting devices added.
• iPad2 camera support.
• an error in adjusting font sizes fixed.
• keyboard rotation problems fixed.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new templates!

Update: I did a quick poster with one of the new templates. Watch out!

I might be...

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