7000+ Photo Apps. Which Ones to Get?

There are a lot of photo apps out there. iTunes lists these numbers for the photo apps (as of today).

  • iPhone (paid): 4383
  • iPhone (free): 2814
  • iPad (paid): 1626
  • iPad (free): 629

I’m not sure how Apple categorizes Universal apps, but there are at least 7,200 photo apps available at this moment. I’m willing to bet there aren’t that photo programs available for traditional computers. The mobile world is exploding. I find myself using my computer a bit less every night (although my daytime job of software development is still on a ‘desktop’ computer).

As someone that plays with a lot of apps, people often ask me which apps they should get for their iPad/iPhone. Before I give any advice the first thing I always need to do is figure out what that person really wants to do with the apps. Some people are used to editing in Photoshop while others just upload images to web services such as Shutterfly or Flickr. As the old saying goes,

Photoshop isn’t for everyone.

There are so many different kinds of apps. Extensive photo editing, minimal photo editing, useful utilities, single effect apps, fun apps, basic enhancement apps, social sharing apps, challenge apps, etc. In the coming weeks I’ll try to go through a bit of categorization and try to pick out my favorites in each. And of course try to think about this categorization a bit more. One of the downsides of the app store is that the only category is Photography. I’d say a few subcategories are needed!

In the next day or two I’ll start with my picks for the top end of things – heavy-duty photo editors.

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