Help! My Camera Roll is Stuck.

Have you ever clicked on your Photos app to see some of your gorgeous photos but found the camera roll “stuck” up at the top of the screen? This seems to happen to me about twice a month. The shot below shows what I see, and if I try to “scroll” the camera roll down with my finger it moves down while I drag it, but immediately snaps back up when I release.

Camera roll stuck on top of screen.
Camera roll stuck on top of screen.

One way around this is to completely turn your iPhone off (not just sleep) and then start it once again, but there is an easier way.

Apple allows you to quit any app that is running. When apps begin to behave in odd ways it is often a good idea to quit the app. There are two ways to do this and they are written up nicely in this post on TUAW. I vastly prefer the second method they describe.

I’m hoping Apple will fix this problem in a future update (perhaps in iOS 5).

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