Reuters Galleries on iPad

At the end of the day when I just want to relax I often pull out my iPad and glance through the daily set of pictures from Reuters that they choose as the best of the day.

Every day during the week they post about twenty Editor’s Choice shots, and there are several other special collections that rotate over time.

Reuters Galleries -- Main Screen
Reuters Galleries -- Main Screen

This apps tends to get very low ratings on iTunes. One of the primary reasons is that the app loves to crash when you first start it up. Here is my advice. Be sure the rotation of your iPad is not locked, and then hold it upright in portrait mode.

You can then start the app, and hopefully it won’t crash. At this point it will ask for location permissions (allow or don’t allow). I’m not exactly sure why they ask for this, since you won’t be taking or uploading any photos from the app (probably involved with marketing or bad programming…I go with the latter). I always say allow, so not sure what would happen in the other case.

Once you’ve started the app successfully you’ll be able to start it when your iPad is in other rotations or when the rotation is locked.

Another minor annoyance is that sometimes a picture just doesn’t seem to want to load and you just see the spinning spokes showing activity. If that happens you can just slide to the next image by swiping with your finger. You can then go back to that image in a few moments, or just continue swiping through shots.

Many of the photos are often taken in distant parts of the world where big news is occurring, but I enjoy just looking at the photos to see what I like in each. Always nice to look at “wow” shots and try to learn a bit from them.

Despite these issues, I still enjoy this app most evenings. Since the app is free it is definitely worth looking at and trying to get it to run on your iPad. Good luck 🙂

Download: Reuters Galleries for iPad

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