Image Blender Updates the GUI, Adds Rotation

I’ve said this a few times, but sometimes a simple app is superb. Image Blender is one of those. It does one thing, blend images. You can choose the upper and lower images, and then select the blending mode you want to use out of the 18 available (darken, lighten, multiply, dodge, etc.)

The latest update to version (1.3.1) includes these things.

  • New blend-choser (iPhone/iPod)
  • Blend previews in mode list (iPad)
  • Full png support (Blend, Import & Export)
  • Copy to pasteboard by tap & hold preview
  • Faster workflow with gestures
  • Rotating Images
  • Better support for REALLY BIG images
  • Overall improvements on animations and interface
  • Fixes rotation bug with images from the camera.

The GUI is really nice on the iPhone and the iPad. Both give you nice little previews of how the image would look with the selected blend mode.

I’m not sure how large the files can be in this app, but I used two 20 meg JPEG files with no problem on my iPad 2.

The rotation feature is a great addition to the app! When blending some graffiti shots I often just want to tweak the rotation a bit to get some things to align. Now I no longer have to do that in a separate app. Several months ago I’d written about the addition of shifting and scaling of the upper image, and I’m just as happy about the rotation.

I enjoy using Image Blender to blend an original image with an image created in ToonPaint. Here is one shot I took (for an Appysnap challenge). I used ToonPaint to create the B&W sketch, and then selected Luminosity for the blending mode.

Original Shot
Original Shot
Image created with ToonPaint
Image created with ToonPaint
Image Blender GUI
Image Blender GUI
Final image after using Image Blender
Final image after using Image Blender

One tip for the iPhone (not iPad). After selecting the “Blend” button in the upper left corner (see GUI image above, circled in red) the selection of modes will appear along the bottom of the screen. After you choose the blend mode you want, click on the Blend button once again to make the selection option go away once again (so that you can once again adjust the blend with the slider). It took me a bit to figure it out with a few pokes of my finger, so maybe someone else will find it a useful tip.

I’m a big fan of this app and highly recommend it. Image Blender is a Universal app that is currently $1.99 on iTunes.

The shot below also made use of Image Blender, ProHDR, and ToonPaint. Some like the look, some don’t. You know who you are 🙂

Extreme Security
Used Image Blender, ToonPaint, and ProHDR. Click to view it on Flickr.

And if anyone made it to the end…the Appysnap challenge was to get two people looking like mimes stuck behind a glass wall. Thoughts?

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