Weekend Goodies: FX Studio Pro, Halftone, My Sketch.

There are a few good deals this weekend. If you’ve been thinking about these, now is a good time to grab them. I’m a fan of all of these.

  • FX Studio Pro for iPhone is just $0.99 [link]
  • FX Studio Pro HD for iPad is just $1.99 [link]
  • Halftone (Universal) is free [link]
  • My Sketch (Universal) is just $0.99 [link]

My Sketch was just introduced this week. I gave it a try and overall I like it for a version 1. There are definitely a few things I’d like to see added, but it can produce some nice images (maximum size is 2048 pixels along long side). I’ll try to write up a longer review about this app in the near future. Below are some images I created using My Sketch.

Sketchy Building

Image of a building created with My Sketch

Sketchy Beer
Image of mug of beer created with My Sketch

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