Update: FX Photo Studio for Mac

FX Photo Studio and FX Studio Pro for the Mac were updated yesterday. A few months ago there was a nice extensive review over on 9 to 5 Mac which went through the features.

In the latest version the following features have been added:

  • Mac OS X Lion compatibility
  • 13 new effects (total of 172)
  • Import images from iPhoto and Aperture
  • Improved User Interface
  • Performance improvements

FX Photo Studio for Mac is currently $9.99, and FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac is $39.99.

The Pro version has support for much larger images (I had no problem with 20 meg RAW files from my Canon), and more advanced image editing and color controls.

I’m hoping to get a little screencast up here later in the week – I figure I might as well learn a bit while showing this app 🙂

Fan Cheers at Football Game
It took just a few seconds to create with FX Photo Studio. Click for larger view.

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