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Photo Work is a photo editing app for the iPhone that was released today. It has a very textual interface which I’m not wild about. Some might like this, so I did a walkthough if you are interested. Overall the app seemed stable, although it did seem to have a few quirky bugs (but nothing serious).

I really prefer PhotoForge or Filterstorm on the iPhone for full image editors (see this review).

Photo Work currently lists for $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes. Sorry for the quality of this walkthough, but I recorded my precariously balanced iPhone with my iPad.

The description from iTunes:

“Photo Work” is FULL SIZE photo editor. Include the infinite work history(undo), plus more than 30 function(even except various effect).

All photo will showing original SIZE on the screen(didn’t downsize original photo) with fast zoom, fast scroll.

All function is fully optimized(It Really Fast).

– Original size photo editing and showing(iPhone 4 will support 2592×1936 pixel )
– Multiple levels of undo, redo, and support work history
– Support iPhone4 Retina display
– PNG format attached Email sending(Preserve Image Quality)
– Image Resize
– Free Rotate Image, Rotate Canvas, Flip Image.
– Support two COLOR mode, Color(RGB 3Channel), Gray(1 Channels)
– Auto Level, Auto Gamma Correction, Auto Contrast Stretch, Histogram Equalization
– Image Histogram View
– Many Film Effects
– Many Geometry Photo Effects.
– Sketch Filter, Blur Filter, Median Filter, Sharpen Filter, Noise Filter
– Soft Focus
– Brightness, Color Level, Curve, Saturation, Color Balance, Contrast, Invert, Threshold, Desaturation…
– All function is very fast.( code optimization )

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