My First Earthquake!

Living in out near the east coast I hadn’t ever experienced a noticeable earthquake in the past, but today I got a to see what a small one feels like. It was a 5.8 or so, and the vibration lasted about 30 seconds. Here in Charlottesville I was about thirty miles from the epicenter.

It was the middle of the day so work was dominating my mind, but I did snap a photo of people that didn’t really feel like going back inside. One of my friends pointed out that people clustered around the central axis of the pedestrian street – and stayed as far from the buildings as possible.

You could also see that a large number of people were using their smartphones.

I’ll definitely remember this particular snapshot – my 841st consecutive day with a daily shot – of which many aren’t quite as memorable 🙂

Post Shake
People on Charlottesville pedestrian mall shortly after Earthquake

For the shot I used Tilt Shift Generator and Lo-Mob.

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