PhotoTangler HD, Collage Maker for iPad

For those that enjoy creating a collage of photos, there is a new app for your iPad called PhotoTangler HD. The app currently sells for $4.99. I’m not a big collage sort of guy myself, but I know many people are.

PhotoTangler HD is a simple yet powerful tool for turning your photos into beautiful collages! Simply import images or add text captions, and PhotoTangler will instantly blend them together as you work with them. Newly optimized for the iPad, PhotoTangler lets you work with and export higher resolution images!

I’m curious about the output resolution of the final image in the iPad version and am going to drop a line to the developer. The developer let me know that the highest export resolution is currently 2304×3072 (very nice!) and might go higher in the future.

This video shows more of PhotoTangler HD. If you’d like to get a feel for the app there is a lite version of PhotoTangler for iPhone that you can try out for free. I like how the individual photos get vignetted to the main background color. Looks nice.

You can learn more at

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