Image Straigtener Straightens Images

A new Universal app was introduced today called Image Straightener. This app was done by the same person that created Image Blender, one of those apps I use almost every day.

[Image Straightener is] A minimalistic app with everything you need to straighten up a crooked picture. This app only does one thing, but it does to very well.

“A friend” borrows your device to take a picture, the horizon gets a 3° angle, and you have to fix it. Happens every day. This app makes it very simple to do fix that in no time. And with the accelerometer it’s actually fun!

It comes with:
– Customizable grids to help you align your image,
– PhotoAppLink support to quickly jump between different photo apps
– A special slider made for this for better precision
– No limitations on image sizes
– Works great with PNG images
– Copy and paste images from app
– Multitouch gestures
– Single-step fine-adjustments

As it says, this is a minimalistic app. I can never argue with that! Currently it has no help screen, but that will be included in an upcoming update. Here are a few tips to help you out. The basic GUI is shown below after an image has been opened. At first you may not see a grid or the accelerometer icon. To see that, just tap anywhere on your image.

Main screen of Image Straightener
Main screen of Image Straightener

To show or hide the grid just tap on the grid icon in the upper left corner. Once the grid is visible you can use the standard pinch/zoom motion with two fingers to change the resolution of the grid (more or less lines).

There are several ways to rotate the image. You can adjust the slider along the bottom, tap the left/right rotation buttons, rotate the image with two finger motion, or tilt your iPhone/iPad to get the image to straighten out.

To rotate the image with two fingers you have to be sure the grid is not visible. If it is visible you can just tap on the grid icon (upper left).

To use the most entertaining method you can tap on the accelerometer icon in the upper right corner and then tilt your device back and forth (don’t get seasick!). When the image looks good just tap anywhere on the screen and it will then lock at that position. If it wasn’t perfect you can still tweak it with slider or left/right arrows.

I tested the app on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with everything from iPad photos to 18 MP images from my Canon DSLR. The exported images retained the full resolution (after cropping which will happen after rotation) with no problem.

This is a great app for anyone that needs to quickly straighten an image every now and then. For some odd reason my hand is often crooked, so a bit of quick/minimalistic straightening will definitely help me out.

Image Straightener is currently $1.99 on iTunes.

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