Where did my Camera Zoom Go?

I rarely use the zoom feature when snapping a photo with my iPhone, but the other day I went to use it – and it was no where to be seen! Where did it go? Was it my new iPhone 4S, or was it iOS 5? Somewhere in my foggy memories I recall that it used to be near the bottom of the screen with a typical slider.

Typical view of Camera app before zooming in.
Typical view of Camera app before zooming in.

I briefly thought about this for a second and then figured I’d try exactly what I would do while trying to zoom in on a regular photo: I used two fingers in a zoom motion.

Two-finger Zoom Gesture

Ooohhh! The view in the Camera app had zoomed in and my slider was back.

Typical view of Camera app after zooming in.
Typical view of Camera app after zooming in.

To zoom in/out you can continue to just use the two-finger gesture, or you can adjust the zoom via the slider. After about 5 seconds the slider will fade away. To get the slider back you just use the two-finger gesture once again.

I wonder if this is an indication that the slider may be gone when iOS 6 rolls out. Guess we’ll find out in the future.

Or maybe the Camera app always behaved in this manner and I never even noticed. Sometimes it is hard to remember such things when you are using different (and updated) technologies every day. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Apple support site was worthless on this issue. I googled the problem and voila! this article appeared. Fixed my problem. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you! I couldn’t figure it out either. It’s annoying to keep having to use the “2 finger zoom” each time you want the bar, though. It was better the old way when you just had to tap the screen and it stayed there.

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