Two New Blurry Apps

For those that enjoy the blur effect you can get with a really wide aperture or a tilt-shift lens, there are two new apps that can help you out. One is Big Lens, and the other is Finger Focus. Both apps are currently $0.99.

Finger Focus App
Finger Focus App
Finger Focus has more limited options than Big Lens. Also, when you trace for the focal point I didn’t see a clear indicator of any sort (such as the typical “red” region that you get in some other apps). Overall the app does work well. You can learn more about it on the Finger Focus Home Page.

Big Lens has both simple and advanced options. The simple option lets you set up a linear or circular focus point and gives the traditional tilt-shift effect. But there are added features of aperture to give you more or less blur, filter to directly apply numerous effect such as lomo filter, and a lens effect that applies a bokeh effect to the highlight regions of the photo.

The advanced option has a really nice feature where you can select a focus region using a brush, eraser, and lasso combination, and then use the “auto” feature. This will tweak your region so it nicely matches the region (such as a face, or single object in the photo) you were trying to select. This is a really big time saver and functioned really well in many situations.

This video does shows the features of Big Lens.

I’m a fan of Big Lens and think it’s worth the $1.

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