Monet Madness!

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but the madness of the sale season hasn’t quite ended yet. This weekend East Coast Pixels will be giving away both MobileMonet and MobileMonet HD for free!

Central Park with MobileMonet
A shot of Central Park edited with MobileMonet and PhotoToaster. It was the day before NYC Marathon.

I’m no artist (and I don’t play one on TV), but it took me just a few minutes to create this with MobileMonet on my iPhone. I used PhotoToaster (also by East Coast Pixels) to tweak it a bit and add the frame.

This is a great deal, so be sure to check iTunes on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to grab the app. I’m a big fan of all their apps, and this is something you shouldn’t miss.

To find out more about MobileMonet drop by the home page. There is a really nice video showing the features. And check out the PhotoToaster home page as well. Both great apps.

If you aren’t familiar with Claude Monet be sure to read a bit on Wikipedia.

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