PolyMagic: Polygons, Twists, and Frames

Polymagic is a new Universal app that lets you combine multiple photos into a polygonal framed photo.

Sick and tired of plain rectangular framed photo? With [PolyMagic], you can combine multiple photos into beautiful polygonal framed photo.

You can apply up to 36 polygonal frame layouts and adjust each polygon shape with just one finger touch. The polygon shape adjustment is so flexible that you can build very unique and beautiful layouts.

Make unique polygonal framed photo with [PolyMagic] and make your friends and family surprised!

This video gives you a great feel for what the app can do.

I was very impressed with the initial version of the app. In the video you can it is very flexible in allowing you to modify and adjust the layouts, frames, and backgrounds. The largest file I could save on my iPhone 4S was 1500×1500 pixels. I’m hoping that gets increased in the future.

I created the image below with PolyMagic in just a few moments.

Created using PolyMagic
Image created with PolyMagic. The four individual shots were edited with MobileMonet before import to PolyMagic.

Currently PolyMagic is free on iTunes (regularly $0.99). [Download]

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