Image Blender Adds Masks

Image Blender was updated two weeks ago and added a mask and flattening feature.

– Masking of foreground image, lets you chose what parts to include in your blend. (double tap and chose Mask)
– Flattening blend to background (tap and hold preview for this option)
– Updated and more logical menus
– Various speed improvements.

These features are a great improvement to already useful app. Here a few images that point out these new features.

In the images above I had a shot of a train and a shot of some stars. For these shots I basically wanted to add stars to the scene, but not have any covering the train. After importing the two images (tap on the small images to the left and right of the slider when you first open the app) I double clicked on the main preview image to get the mask and arrange option.

I edited the mask to erase everything in the train area and left the sky untouched. In the mask window you can control the amount of each image that is shown by clicking the contrast-looking button on the right side. On the left side you can control the type of brush you are using. You can draw or erase. The features here are very basic, but it works well enough for simple iPhone/iPad editing.

After editing the mask I arranged it just a bit to shift it up slightly from the train. After setting the blend style I then did a tap and hold on the main preview window and chose flatten. This will flatten your image and then leave the overlay window empty so that you can put a new image in there. This is great when you want to blend multiple images.

Here are a few tips/tricks for using Image Blender. You can tap/hold on the main preview window as well as the left/right small images to get options. You can double tap the preview window to get those options. You can single tap the left/right image to pull up the import dialog.

My favorite trick (that took me awhile to notice) is if you swipe your finger in an upward direction near the bottom of the screen the blend option window will appear. If you swipe down it will apply that blend. (Note: this only works on the iPhone version.)

My train with stars shot wasn’t very nice, but was good enough to show the new features of Image Blender, a great photo utility for iOS devices.

Image Blender (a Universal app) is currently $1.99 on iTunes.

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