AntiCrop Could Save ‘The’ Shot

The team that brought us TouchRetouch has now released AntiCrop, a Universal app that lets you tweak shots to fill in regions that you may have missed in when taking the photo. I’m a giant fan of TouchRetouch so I figured I would have to try this out.

Using fancy algorithms AntiCrop basically looks at patterns in your photo and fills in the missing regions by interpreting the patterns. For those familiar with Photoshop CS5 there are similar features, but this is the first for iOS devices.

The app is very simple to use. You can import (or take) a photo and you can then drag crop lines to either remove or add to the edges of your photo. You can also rotate the image. Here is a shot that I anticropped. This one had portions that are useful for this sort of app, and portions that are not.

AntiCrop Before/After
AntiCrop: Animated gif shows before/after of a photo.

You could see that it did really well with the sky, the sloped buildings on both sides, and the slanted car window on the right side. On the lower left side it didn’t do a great job with those parts of the car. This is expected. There is no software that can “imagine” what should have been in the shot. As it says in the description of the app, it is good for nature shots and shots with nice patterns in them. I was really impressed with how well it did with the buildings and the road on the right side. Much better than I had thought.

I tried this app with a variety of photos and got results that were expected. Really great for some things, not so good on others (and as I said, this is expected). I’ll try to post all my before/after shots later today when I get a chance. I put up several shots on Flickr. You can either view it as a slideshow or just go over to the set of images.

TouchRetouch is one of those apps I don’t use very often, but when I use it I always love the results. I have a feeling AntiCrop will be the same way. If it saves one shot it will be more than worth it. These two apps will work really well together. After using AntiCrop there may be a few things that got added that you would like to and or remove and you’ll be able to TouchRetouch the shot.

For a version 1.0 this app worked pretty well, but it still seems to have a few memory leaks. After about five photos in a row the app became sluggish and it didn’t seem to load a new photo (the display of the previous photo would become blocky). Quitting the app and restarting it always solved the problem. The developer of this app has always done a great job updating and improving TouchRetouch, and I have a feeling this one will also improve in the future.

AntiCrop is currently $0.99 on iTunes.

Here is a video that shows the functionality of the app.


AntiCrop is the application that you’ve always dreamed about but never thought possible. For the first time ever, you can uncrop photos on your iPhone or iPad. AntiCrop – Expand your limits. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this unique App today!

You’ve got some great vacation shots but a few regrets. Upon returning home from your trip, you saw that you’ve missed out all the extra scenery in order to highlight you and your friends on the beach. The beautiful white sand, lush tropical plants and incredible clear sky are all gone, a paradise lost. If only there was a way to expand those tiny pieces of nature at the borders!

Well, there is. Those rumours you’ve heard about a new anti-cropping algorithm are true, and AntiCrop is the result. You’ve never seen anything like this because AntiCrop is the only application in existence to offer you the capability of uncropping your photos. Oh yes, you can also crop them, if you’d like.

Are you an amateur photographer? Great, you’ll find this app super easy to use to crop unwanted elements, or to uncrop your pictures. Maybe you’re a pro who needs to be able to work on the go, or an artist looking to create pictures using a photography medium. AntiCrop is perfect for everyone!

Inside this app lies a highly intellectual content filling tool that adds pixels to the expanded area of your photo. It’s highly recommended for all kinds of backgrounds and homogeneous textures. Great results are achievable when working with nature landscapes, backgrounds and much more. If you want to make some unique creations, AntiCrop can help there, too. All you need is imagination and a willingness to experiment.

However please do not use AntiCrop to complete unpredictable picture areas – human face, buildings or other objects since the application was not designed for these kinds of tasks.

To use AntiCrop, just take a snapshot or select a photo from gallery then slide the photo frame in the direction you want to expand it, and voila! You’re done! The magical AntiCrop algorithms generate and add a new strip to the borders of your photo that match the surrounding photo elements. Honestly, what could be simpler or more exciting?

Have a look at some of the incredible features you get in AntiCrop:
* World’s first app with anti-cropping algorithm
* Uncrop photos in any direction
* Lossless straighten technique
* Attractive, easy to use interface
* Optimized for multi-core processors
* Brought to you by the developers of TouchRetouch

Until now, it was impossible to uncrop a photo on mobile device. AntiCrop has changed that. Welcome to the future.

Download AntiCrop right now and put this unique and powerful tool to work for you.

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