A+ Signature Makes Great Photocards & More

A+ Signature was recently updated to version 3.1 and I thought I’d give it a spin. Overall I was rather impressed with the stability, ease of use, and number of fonts included! This Universal app can do a few different things ranging from creating nifty photocards to send to friends/family, to putting your signature on a photo. This demo video gives a great overview of many features.

Some of my favorite things in this app were the catalog, the fact that it can save at full resolution (on my iPhone 4S), and the enormous number of fonts available. Using the catalog you can store any signatures you’ve created (or basic sketch), or any text snippets you’ve put together for future use. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, an entire font set called KG Heart Doodles has been added. You’ll be able to create all sort of cute photocards for your valentine πŸ™‚

Photocard created with A+ Signature
Photocard created with A+ Signature

I created the photocard above in about six minutes after watching the intro video. Things started moving very quickly after the first few minutes (there are a LOT of fonts…took awhile looking through the list). The background picture was of the amphitheater in downtown Charlottesville which has a nice curve to it. I aligned the words along the curve and scaled them to give it a bit of a 3D look (can you tell I’m not an artist?).

The one feature I’d like to see added in a future version is an undo button for the main screen (the signature screen does have one). Every now and then I would grab the wrong block of text on the screen and move it away from where I’d positioned it. Not a big deal, but would be nice to be able to undo it.

Overall this was the best of all the photocard apps I’ve used. This app is more than just dragging simple shapes around, so it is probably not the best for the youngest kids – but for all the rest of us it really lets you create some nifty stuff very quickly. And if you just want to keep some signature around in a catalog, you’ll always be ready with this app.

The Universal app A+ Signature is $1.99 on iTunes. There is also a limited lite version available for free if you want to get a feel for the app. You can also drop by the A+ Signature website of the to learn more.


A+ Signature is a multi-usage photo annotation tool which allows you to make your mark on any photo.

β€’ Add a signature, a simple watermark or create a fun photocard. The choice is yours!
β€’ Use A+ Signature as a productivity tool to annotate pictures at work or at home.
β€’ Annotate pictures of friends reunions, family parties, weddings, classmates, meetings or at your workplace.
β€’ Add any autograph to your photos.
β€’ Create a nice signature to use in other documents.

Valentine’s day is coming. Use A+ Signature special fonts and drawings to send a “Love card”!

A+ Signature’s unique combination of texts and hand drawing tools makes it easy for all the family to enhance and share photos.

Featured on “Photography – What’s hot” in more than 50 countries, including: United States, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

A+ Signature comes with a short video tutorial. See more demonstration videos at A+ Signature Support (http://www.rti-net.com/Apps).

— What the reviewers say —
“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”, Quaffit’s Art of iPhoneography

“A+ Signature is well recommended to anyone who would like to add text or freehand drawings to photos. Unlike some other similar apps, A+ Signature allows you a great deal of flexibility in styling, positioning, and resizing your text and drawings.”, Gwen Phua, Appmodo.com

“Whether you want to annotate photos, create your own custom e-cards, or just create the perfect digital signature to be used in other documents, A+ Signature should be your go-to app.”, Tyler Tschida, AppAdvice.com


βœ“ Using the keyboard, add multiples texts
βœ“ Using the capture screen, add multiples drawings or smooth handwritings
βœ“ Built with one of the best handwritten signature technologies in the App Store
βœ“ Enhance your texts with special characters like the copyright sign, smileys, hearts and stars
βœ“ Use the Catalog to easily reuse your favorite texts and drawings
βœ“ Extract stock texts, stock drawings, current dates and special shapes from the Catalog
βœ“ Share your annotated photos with friends via email or by sending them to Facebook and Twitter
βœ“ Photos can be sent to other compatible apps like Color Splash
βœ“ Photos can be opened from other apps

βœ“ Easily move, rotate and resize your texts and drawings
βœ“ Copy/Paste of texts or drawings. You can even paste any text or drawing to other apps!
βœ“ Signature screen allows the use of 2 fingers pan and pinch gestures to virtually increase the drawing surface and resize your drawings.

βœ“ Set a customizable background box for any text or drawing
βœ“ Set the opacity for each text and drawing
βœ“ Set the color for each text and drawing
βœ“ Set a shadow for each text and drawing
βœ“ Set the font for each text
βœ“ Set a black or white edge color around the letters for each text
βœ“ Set the stroke width for each drawing
βœ“ Works in portrait or landscape
βœ“ Works well with your fingers, with the Griffin stylus for the iPad, iPhone and iPod or with the pogo sketch
What’s new

– 6 new fun fonts for Valentine’s day.
– New “Pref…” option in the copy/paste menu. This is an alternate way to set the default attributes for text or hand drawn signatures.
– New “Send to App” feature using PhotoAppLink. It is now easier to use A+ Signature in combination with other photo apps. A+ Signature allows sending or receiving photos.
– Facebook moved to “Send to App”.
– Twitter support on iOS 5 when Twitter is set up for the device.
– Send in Email as PDF. This is useful for those who use A+ Signature to create signed “photo contract”.
– Minor display fixes.

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