Weekend Sales: PhotoForge2, 360, A+, and More.

Lots of goodies kicking around this weekend. The top two great deals are PhotoForge2 for just a buck and A+ Signature for free. Both apps are Universal and are great to have.

A few others for the iPhone might be of interest: 360 Panorama Camera and Instant110 are both free, and ProCamera and Camera Genius are both $1. I haven’t really spent much time with these (and no time at all with Instant110), and the reviews tend to be rather mixed. Instant110 looks interesting, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it does.

One other interesting app for the iPhone is called Relievos. It lets you turn your image into a 3d sculpture. After watching the help video I then found it really easy to use, and rather fun to say the least. It is normally $2.99, but is free right now.

Enjoy your weekend!

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