Color Lake Makes Waves

Color Lake, a Universal app, was recently updated with Retina graphics for the new iPad so I figured I would give it a try.


The app is simple to use. After loading an image you can touch the screen to control the location of a horizontal “lake” line. Animated waves will be below the line and the image above it stays untouched. When you click the capture button at the top of the screen it will save the image. The exported image will be full resolution (tested on iPhone 4s).

When you start the app the default color setting is hue rotation. I wish the default setting was the normal setting. Other settings include sepia and B&W. Wave size is another option.


Overall the app seems to work as expected. A few sample shots are in this set on Flickr.


Real Time Water Lake Simulation using photos from gallery, Simulation of lake reflection effect and with animated Color Rotator and realistic Snow effect to become perfect eye candy.

– Add water effect to your photos without losing resolution !!!
– Create your own magic with colors and snow
– Take screenshot directly from the main screen
– Adjust Lake height for any image
– Make incredible live landscapes out of your photos
– Retina Display Support
– Ability to change wave size
– Ability to save in original image resolution and not just the screenshot (no cropping or downsizing)
– Ability to share across social networks

One problem that I noticed is that after saving an image, the capture button at the top of the screen would often become inoperative. Clicking on it would end up just moving the horizontal line to that location, so the entire image became waves. I had to quit (or force quit) the app to get it functional again. One other complaint is that even in the paid app, there are a few small ads in the export and options dialog.

Having more flexibility in the line shape would also add to this app. Currently it can only be horizontal. Allowing this to tilt, be concave/convex, or be a hand-drawn shape would be a big addition.

I recorded this video while using the app and it shows the main features. You could also try Photo Lake which is a free (in-app purchase) version of this app.

If you are looking for the wave effect, this app is a good start, but I’m hoping for improvements in the future.

Color Lake is currently $1.99.

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