Easter Weekend Specials

As is common with holidays, there are a number of apps that will be having sales this weekend. As I hear about interesting ones I’ll try to post them here. Have a happy weekend!

For those with a Macintosh in the house, there are a few specials from the MacPhun folks:

  • Snapheal is on sale for just $6.99. It lets you easily remove unwanted objects, fix skin imperfections, delete text, perform complex image edits in a matter of clicks and seconds. You can find out more and download a trial at www.snapheal.com.
  • If you own FX Studio for the iPhone you can get a free copy of FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac ($40 value) till April 9. You just have to follow some rules on their Facebook page. I did a video walkthrough of an older version of this app and enjoyed it.
  • Also, for those with FX Studio for the iPhone you can now send postcards to anyone anywhere in the world – the price per card this weekend is just $0.99 (includes printing and shipping – you just choose a picture and put the address).

Some other notable sales:

  • PhotoForge2 is on sale for just $0.99. It is a Universal app that is a high end image editor.
  • OldBooth for the iPhone is just good for humor, but it is always fun for a holiday. Output resolution is just 640×920. It’s on sale for $1. Just for fun I’ll post a picture of myself on the iOSPhotoApps Facebook Page later this afternoon.
PhotoForge2 on the iPhone
PhotoForge2 on the iPhone

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure a few more will pop up.

Laminar for the iPad is on sale for $1.
InifiniCam for the iPhone is currently free.

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