Magical Montage Magic

Although I’ve never really been a montage sort of guy, I decided to try Montage Magic since it allowed for really hi-res export and the ability to use any fonts you feel like grabbing from a number of free font sites.

I quickly learned that Montage Magic is very easy to use. You can add photos, names from your contacts, lines, shadows, text, backgrounds, and borders. When importing photos you can manually picks photos, or you can let the app randomly pick a fixed number, or even just keep importing until the screen is full (which can be a lot depending on the theme you have selected).

You can use one finger to drag objects and two to scale and rotate. At any time you can delete items from the screen or edit text.

Here is a video walkthough that I did on my iPhone.

One thing that I couldn’t figure out how to do (and as usual, I didn’t read instructions) was to change the shape of the line I had selected. Not a big deal though. As I show in the video, memory can be an issue. But at least the app never crashed, which is always a good thing. The retina iPad really lets you get a high res export!

I actually find this app really nice for creating poster-ish things. Here is one example I did using a font I downloaded while in the app.

Created with Montage Magic
Created with Montage Magic using downloaded free fonts. Click for larger version.

Montage Magic is currently $0.99 on iTunes [download].

For more information you can drop by the Montage Magic homepage. There you will find videos that go in much greater detail about importing fonts (it really is simple), and how to create an artistic poster.


✭✭ Works and Looks great on the new 3rd gen. iPad!
✭✭ The only photos app that lets you download and install 1000s free fonts
✭✭ Supports downloading Zip files containing multiple fonts from all the top free font sites
✭✭ Ultra Hi-Res Export: up to 4096 x 3072 px on the iPad
✭✭ Full PNG and Transparency support for import & export

Montage Magic provides a simple, quick and fun way to create beautiful collages or stunning photo mosaics. Create unique compositions and share them with your friends and family in less than a minute. Or let Montage Magic surprise you with Lucky Dip! Shake your device or use the Auto-Content features and let Montage Magic create a collage or mosaic for you!

You can add photos, text, arrows and even address book contacts and then simply move, rotate, resize and flip using multi-touch gestures on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can choose from many preset themes, or customise your creation by adding borders, shadows and text backgrounds. Once you’ve finished, save it as a high resolution image, or share it via email or twitter. If you have an AirPrint compatible printer, you can print both small and large size prints.

Want to use 1000s more fonts? Or add countless symbols from 100s dingbat type fonts?
✔ MyFonts lets you install any Mac or PC font (TrueType or OpenType) on your device and use those fonts with Montage Magic.
✔ Links to the top 5 free font sites – simply tap download from the site, and then “Open in Montage Magic”
✔ Zip files are supported – Montage Magic automatically extracts and installs all the fonts in one step
✔ Preview each font and use them to add text just like using the built-in fonts

Montage Magic is perfect for:
✭ Sharing Holiday Snaps with Friends
✭ Postcards and Invitations
✭ Greetings and Announcement Cards
✭ Address Book Contact Cards
✭ Framed Prints
✭ Signs & For Sale Artwork

▸ Resize, rotate, move, flip and re-order objects using multi-touch gestures
▸ Add photos from your photo library, or take a photo with your device’s camera
▸ Add multi-line text in different fonts & colours
▸ Install 1000s of fonts with MyFonts: .zip, .ttf, .otf supported
▸ Add photos, names and phone numbers from your address book
▸ Add straight or curved lines & arrows
▸ Apply borders and shadows to photos & text
▸ Add a coloured background to your text
▸ Use one of 20 supplied textured backgrounds
▸ Save time and pick one of many available themes
▸ Specify different mosaic & grid layouts
▸ High resolution export (1920 x 1280 on the iPhone/iPod)
▸ PNG/JPG support – save with transparent background
▸ Borderless 4×6 (A6) prints
▸ Letter (A4) prints
▸ Email or tweet your creation
▸ Snap to grid, snap rotation, lock collage
▸ Shake to Create!
▸ Auto Content and Lucky Dip
▸ Tap and Hold a saved Collage to make a copy

Great on your iPhone, even better on your iPad! On the iPad you get:
▸ More fonts: handwriting, chalk, engraved and more
▸ More themes
▸ Create mosaics with 200+ photos
▸ Higher resolution export (4096 x 3072)

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