Photogene for iPad Leads the Weekend Sales

A few good sales this weekend. Photogene for iPad was recently updated with retina graphics, and is on sale for just $0.99, as is FX Photo Studio HD (for the iPad). Superb.

Top Camera – HDR and Slow Shutter is $1 for the iPad and the iPhone (separate apps). These do a number of things rather well.

Plastic Bullet Camera (Universal) is still on sale for $0.99. A fun app.

Time to go play a bit more with 645 Pro, a new iPhone app getting a lot of attention. I’ve started exploring the features and will post a review sometime this week.

Have a fun weekend!

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      1. There seems to be a new app that saves hi-quality TIFFs like 645 PRO called CCD. The main differences are there are no filters and the TIFFs are saved directly to Photos. CCD has no lossless JPEGs currently.

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