Photos by Date in Phog Phog

I have no idea what phog phog means, but this new iPhone app is a nifty way to see your photos by date. The app is called Date + Tag Photo Album – PHOG PHOG and is free.

The app is very straightforward. You start it up and it displays all your photos sorted by month. If you click the list icon in the upper left all the months are listed and you can just click on any month you want.

iPhone app: Date + Tag Photo Album - Phog Phog
iPhone app: Date + Tag Photo Album - Phog Phog

When you view a photo you can tag it with keywords or share it to other apps, Facebook, or Twitter. My favorite feature is that when you share to another app (such as Photogene) you get the full resolution photo. I’d still love the option in a timeline app to be able to select a “go to this photo in camera roll” option, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be allowed by Apple. By giving me access to the full res image, this app is close enough.

This app doesn’t import all your photos, it just reads from what is currently in your photo album (it ignores Photo Stream). If you delete a photo from your camera roll and then start this app again, that particular photo will no longer be viewable in this app. By not importing photos it doesn’t take a long time when it first starts up (as some timeline apps do), and it won’t take up large portions of memory on your iPhone.

There is also a nice graphical view showing how many shots you take each month and the number with each tag.

Overall I really enjoyed this app. It made it very easy to find photos from prior months with no problem. One of the first things I’d like to see added is showing the full date of the photo while viewing it. It would also be nice if in the graph view you could click on the month or tag name to get to those photos. But the app is free, so I won’t be picky 🙂

Date + Tag Photo Album – PHOG PHOG is currently free can be downloaded on iTunes.


“PHOG PHOG” manages your photo nicely by Date and Tags.
You can easily find, rediscover and share your photos.

— What Can You Do with This App? —

1. You Can Browse All Your Photos by Date.
2. You Can Add Tags to Your Photos.
3. You Can Lock Your Photos.
4. You Can Share Your Photos with Twitter and Facebook.
5. You Can Connect to Other Apps in Your iPhone.
6. You Can Check How Many Photos You Have by Date and Tags.
7. You Can Choose from 2 Design Themes.

2 Replies to “Photos by Date in Phog Phog”

  1. Thanks for sharing! This app is simply amazing. I’m not worried about the exclusion of Photo Stream because I don’t use it 😉

  2. Hey, check out Fotoable, another good app with similar function but this one show full date, can read resolution info and edit photos and save at full res up to 4096 x 4096 (16.8 MP). However, if you edit a certain photo, the new, edited one will be sorted based on the original date, not the date you edited.

    One thing I noticed with these apps is that today’s photos won’t be displayed in the apps.

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