Wood Camera

Wood Camera for the iPhone is a new app that allows you to do basic editing and apply a number of filters to images that you take or import. In many apps when adjusting photos you end up with a large number of sliders visible at one time. Wood Camera uses an interesting UI where you “slide” to the next slider and you’ll only see one at a time.

Wood Camera GUI
Wood Camera App

The icons are in a very logical order for photo processing. Start with getting the picture in proper orientation and cropped, then apply the filter, add texture, apply tilt-shift and vignette, and then add a frame. You can always go back and make changes since this is non-destructive editing.

I did a video walkthrough using the app which shows all the features.

The interface is well done but having to flip the preview button at the top seemed a bit odd. I think it would have been better to just click on the icon at the bottom to show/hide the controls. You couldn’t zoom in on the photo at any time in the app, so you couldn’t get a close-up view when applying the texture, which can be useful when adjusting the intensity.

Some might think that adding presets or allowing users to have favorites would be a nice addition, but I’m not sure if that would help or hurt the logical and simple GUI of Wood Camera.

Sample shot edited in Wood Camera Sample shot edited in Wood Camera

Overall this app is really well done. It was very stable and snappy, and never crashed on me in a few hours of use. The filters are well done and since you can do a lot of basic adjustments it is rather easy to achieve the look you were going for. Photos are exported at full resolution. A great version 1.0 and I’m looking forward to updates!

Wood Camera is currently $1.99 on iTunes.

The developer spends time as professional photographer and has worked at a number tech startup companies, so feel free to follow him: @johnbarnett on Instagram, @picturejohn on Twitter.


For the photographer in everyone.

The Wood Camera app gives you unparalleled control over the shooting and editing process:

Easily import and view your photos all in one place. Tap once to enter full-size preview mode, or double-tap to go straight to the editing screen.

Use the in-app camera to shoot with each of our 22 lenses in real-time.

Layer 22 lenses, 17 textures, and 12 frames for thousands of possible combinations.

Pinch to customize tilt-shift radius and vignette position and intensity. Advanced touch rotation gesture to control linear tilt-shift for that perfect professional look.

Tap and hold to quickly compare your edited image to the original shot.

Enjoy the freedom to go back and modify any changes you made to the original image, even after exporting your work.

Import and export your images at the full, 8 MP resolution of the iPhone 4S camera.

Quickly share your photos to the Camera Roll, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for the code! Took the second one. By the way, PicPlayPost is free. Download it for awesome high res montage/collage video!

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