Simply B&W – Best Picture Contest

Simply B&W is a really nice app for converting your shots to black and white, and this is a great weekend to use it! There is a contest for the best shot. The prize will be a nice printed version of the photo from CanvasPop.

Learn more on the contest page.

And what’s really nice is that Simply B&W is currently free, so go ahead and download it.

A shot that I edited with Simply B&W.


An easy and simple way to turn your great color shots into exciting black and white photos. Simply B&W allows you to:
* Select from 6 different colored lens filters to enhance certain colors and shades in a photo.
* Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
* Choose from border options of none,white or black.
* Add simulated film grain.
* Add black or white vignetting.
* Preserve EXIF data(requires iOS 4.1 or later).
* Outputs images up to 3264×3264 as well as a slight border (if desired).

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