Textures+ Has Good Start, Needs More

Textures+ is a relatively new iPhone app that lets you apply textures to your photos. The app comes with about 45 different textures in categories called concrete, grunge, metal, and wood. You can also purchase additional texture packs (currently Metal 2 and Texture) for $0.99 each which include 10 to 12 additional textures each.

In the app you can either take a photo or import from your albums. After importing the picture you can then begin to apply textures by selecting which texture you want. If you don’t want the texture covering the entire image you can use the eraser tool.

GUI of Textures+
GUI of Textures+

You can also adjust the intensity of texture by sliding your finger to the left or right. Once you like the texture, you can apply it. The app would sometimes take a very long time to do this part. You can now apply more textures if you want to. You can also adjust things such as contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and a frame.

Textured Flag
I created this shot with Textures+

Overall the app works pretty well, but here are a few things I’d like to see improved.

First, the speed. There are many cases on my iPhone 4s where the phone would go back to sleep mode before the texture had been applied. This may have just been with certain textures, or it may have been random (I didn’t do enough testing). Sometimes it was much shorter in time. The app also felt sluggish while dragging my finger to adjust parameters such as intensity of the texture, contrast, brightness, etc. The eraser tool also felt sluggish at times.

I’d also like the ability to shift or rotate the textures. Currently they just get applied directly on top of the image.

With a few tweaks this app could be a very simple way to add a selection of really nice textures to an image. I’m hoping an update helps out with the speed issues. Textures+ is currently available for $0.99 on iTunes.

You can find out more on the app website and see some images in the Textures+ Flickr group.


Jazz Up Your Photos! Textures+ makes it EASY for you to quickly and easily combine your ordinary photos with our extraordinary textures allowing you to create stunning images. The intuitive and responsive user interface makes Textures+ amazingly EASY and FUN to use. NO KNOWLEDGE OF PHOTO MASKS NEEDED.

Textures+ allows you to adjust contrast and brightness, change the hue, increase / decrease the saturation. Don’t like a particular area of the texture, no problem, just use the eraser tool.

*Exclusive textures
*In app store to purchase new and exclusive textures
*Numerous textures to choose from with adjustable opacity
*Hide toolbars with a long tap of your finger
*High resolution saving
*Brightness & Contrast
*Hue & Saturation tools
*Eraser tool
*Custom cropping
*Undo or Redo any changes
*Simple framing options
*Save to album or email
*Share your creations on twitter, facebook, flickr or instagram

Exclusive texture groups include:


Additional Textures+ (available for in app purchase)
*Metal 2
*Many more to come

To use Textures+ simply:
1. Shoot a photo from inside the Textures+ app or choose one from your library
2. Crop if needed
3. Select a texture from over 40 that are included with the Textures+ app
4. Adjust the texture opacity to suit your artistic style
5. Adjust brightness and/or contrast
6. Adjust hue and saturation to your liking
7. Frame it
Share with twitter, facebook, flickr or instagram

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