Pointillist? Or Posterized?

There is a new iPhone app called Pointillist which allows you to “render the photo into pointillism,” but I think what this really does is posterize images. Pointillist will reduce your image to two colors, a foreground and background which you can adjust, as well as the contrast.

Here are a few images I created with the app. Click on them to see larger size on Flickr.

Pointy Sunset Pointy Afternoon Pointy Cup

There are a number of apps that allows you to do this with images (I previously reviewed Posterize.

When saving the image you can save it to your camera roll or share it on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. When saving the image you can choose the size you want, but the size is a bit odd. The shorter side ranges from 500 to 2500 pixels, so your image can range from 500×665 to 2500×3329 (larger than the photos taken on my iPhone 4s).

Overall the app does a good job creating two tone images very quickly.

Pointillist is free for a limited time. Regular price is $0.99.

And for those that enjoy words, here are the wikipedia entries for pointillism and posterization.

As you may know,pointillism is a form of painting developed in the late 19th century,in which small dots are applied in patterns to form a picture, and a pointillist, who paints with pointillism,usually needs to spend months to paint the hundreds of thousands of tiny dots, but now with the Pointillist app, you can “paint” your photo into a work of pointillism art just in seconds.

Pointillist iPhone App
Pointillist iPhone App

With it, you can select a photo from the album or the camera, and the pointillist will render the photo into pointillism for you,zoom in or out by pinching to view your artwork and adjust the contrast or the color according to your flavor, when finished, you can save,mail,print,or share your masterpiece via facebook,flickr or tumblr.

Make your iPhone/iPod touch a pointillism art master!

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  1. I have been painting with tiny dots using a paint brush for more than 20 years, this program makes my work seem trivial, even though it is tedious and takes many, many hours. Technology will render all of us extinct I’m afraid.

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