Popsicolor Pops With Color

Percolator is one of the most unique apps out there, and now the developer brings another interesting Universal app called Popsicolor. The GUI is very simple. You select a photo and the water color painting begins. You then have the option of choosing the colors at the top and bottom of the image, along with choosing the overall focus of the image (minimal, natural, or bold).

Popsicolor GUI
Popsicolor GUI

To see it in action the video on the Popsicolor Home Page gives you a good feel for exactly how it works – I even enjoyed the music that went with it.

A few interesting things about the app. Depending on how you hold it you will or will not get drippy paint on your image. Also, if you click just the same color again the drips will be different every time. I’m not entirely sure if that is due to phone motion or not…but it was fun to watch it. The names of the colors is fun (things such as Lime, Color, Bubble Gum, etc.) as are the pop up messages as the app is processing the image – very similar to the funny messages in Percolator.

This is a version 1.0, so there might still be a few bugs. It crashed on me once after about twenty images. And as with many apps, I wish it was a bit faster processing (guess I’ll have to wait for my iPhone 5!). The apps that deal with full resolution photos on the iPhone 4s really get to deal with a lot of pixels.

Here are a few shots that I created with Popsicolor. A few more in this set I put on Flickr.

Popsicolor 8 Popsicolor 3
Popsicolor 4 Popsicolor 2
Popsicolor 1 Popsicolor 6

This is definitely an app to grab if you like to create this sort of art. Using this app along with others such as Percolator, Image Blender, etc., will let you create some really nifty stuff.

Currently Popsicolor is just $0.99 on iTunes. [download]


★ Turn Your Photos Into Watercolors
★ Amazing Blendy Color Effects
★ Yes! Full Resolution Support
★ From the creator of Percolator for iOS
★ Universal App for iPhone & iPad

Watch the video at www.popsicolorapp.com!


★ Load photos from your Film Roll, Photo Stream, Clipboard or take a New Photo from within the app
★ Pick your top and bottom colors or let Popsicolor pick them for you
★ Choose between three levels of intensity: Minimum, Natural or Bold
★ Four size settings: 1024, 1536, 2048 or “Source” size
★ Save to Photos, Copy to Clipboard or Send by Email

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