Veensta Camera Is Out Of The Gate

A new iPhone app to give you that instant look came out earlier this week and is called Veensta Camera. I gave it a quick walkthough so you can see how it works.

The app is relatively simple with just a few options. You can choose the effect, a frame, or a border color and then save the image. There were a few things odd with the GUI. One was after loading pictures from the album you needed to press a big red button after crop/scaling the image (a done button might have worked better). Also, after taking a second shot I was left in a “share” screen and had to click on one of the icons on the bottom to continue editing. But after a few minutes of use it is easy to deal with.

Very simple to use
Some of the effects are nice
Seemed stable, never crashed on me

Output resolution is just 1272×1272 pixels
Square format is only option
Interface had a few quirks
Limited sharing options
Many other competitive apps that are similar or do a bit more

Origami Wants Power
Origami Wants Power. A shot edited with Veensta Camera.

I’m hoping that in the future the resolution gets increased to it will save at the full resolution of my iPhone 4s (fingers crossed for iPhone 5 in October).

Currently Veensta Camera is $0.99 on iTunes. [download]
You can also learn more on

Be ready to use one of the best designed instant photo application on iPhone !
Veensta Camera will make you love taking photos !

With Veensta Camera you don’t need to be a genius in photography to take great photos. You will have fun to use one of the best designed photo application on iPhone.

★ 14 Beautiful effects
A lot of photo applications have too many filters but generaly you use only few. But, with Veensta Camera you will use all of them !

★ 8 frames
In Veensta Camera, YOU CHOOSE the frame you want. We DON’T force you to have a special frame with a particular effect like in some others photo applications.

★ Color border
Imagine an app that let you choose the color you want for you photo border, it’s possible with Veensta Camera ! (You can even write the hexadecimal code for the color).

★ No blurry shots…
Auto focus and auto stabilizer are activate.

★ Photo Flashlight to brighten up your photos…
Use the iPhone 4 & 4S flash as a continuous fill light to improve photo quality, especially for portrait and macro shots.

★ Full iPhone 4 & 4S front & back camera support

★ Share your creations !
Share your photos with your family or friends by mail or Facebook.

★ Works with 3GS and iPhone 4 & 4S

★ And much much more…

What are you waiting for?

Try Veensta Camera now and discover that you can truly love taking photos on your iPhone !

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