Alien Skies Are All Around Us!

The makers of LensFlare and LensLight released a new app for the iPhone called Alien Sky. You basically have the ability to add a variety of space objects to your photo along with a number of lights and flares. There is also an option to apply some filters to the full image.

Alien Sky iPhone App

Alien Sky is very easy to use, There are a few things I’d like to see improved. One is the output resolution. Currently it can only handle up to 3072x3072px on the iPhone 4 or greater. That isn’t bad, but the option to save at high resolution is a bit hidden. When you go to save a photo, there is a small checkbox at the bottom of the screen. Very easy to miss! I’d also like to see more variations on the space objects. Having various phases of the moon would be the first thing I’d want to have.

The developers have continued to update and improve their other apps, so I have a feeling we’ll see some new space objects in the future.

The app is one of those really unique ones. If you like the images you can create with it, you can’t skip out on this one. Some of the images in the LensFlare + Alien Sky Flickr Group are amazing.

Created Using Alien Sky App
An image of Charlottesville created using Alien Sky for the iPhone.

You can learn more about the app on the Alien Sky Home Page. I also found a nice YouTube video that shows the basic features of the app. I recorded one, but on my old computer the video is still being processed and it was a bit quicker to just find one. I continue to patiently wait for a new iMac later this year. 😉

Currently Alien Sky is $0.99 on iTunes. [download]


Reality is boring. Alien Sky will break the boredom and breathe new life into your photos.

Alien Sky is the new photo editor from the creator of LensFlare and LensLight. Create fantastic and futuristic visions with the power of Alien Sky.
With Alien Sky, you can customize your sky with an amazing collection of high resolution space objects. Alien Sky also includes a set of futuristic lens flares optimized for your space explorations.

Alien Sky gives you complete control over sky customization, allowing you create fantastic visions and otherworldly photos. Why settle for a boring sky?

There is simply nothing else like this in the app store.

Alien Sky Features:
– Space Objects such as Planets, Moons, and Galaxies
– Bright Suns and Distant Stars
– Futuristic Lens Flares
– Gradient Filters


Max Output Resolution:
iPhone4 and 4S: 3072×3072
iPod Touch4: 2048×2048
iPhone3/iPod: 1024×1024

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