Need Some Bokeh?

Bokehful is a new Universal app that can give you lots and lots of bokeh. The app lets you open a photo, make a few selections of color and shape, and then just drag your finger over the photo to draw bokeh.

Bokehful GUI
Bokehful GUI, a Universal iOS app.

As you are drawing the colors fluctuate based on your selected color theme, the size varies (randomly?), and the shape is your option. To adjust where the dark/light color range will be, drag your finger across the small rectangle in the lower right. That will change the direction of the gradient. In the photo above you can see that the rectangle ranges from red to green from the upper right to lower left. If you then look at where the bokeh is in the photo, you’ll see that the colors range from red to green in that same direction. Tapping on the colored circle in the lower left brings up the selection of color themes.

The saved photo is full resolution on my iPhone 4S. The app seems a bit sluggish when using the undo feature, and saving seems a bit slow, but the app seems stable and does exactly what it says. Makes bokeh! šŸ™‚

This app is free for a limited time on iTunes.


Add fun bokeh light effects to your photos! Simply select your color scheme and start drawing bokeh directly on your photo.

– Draw bokeh light effects directly on your photos.
– Circle, heart, star or hexagon bokeh shapes.
– Multiple bokeh color gradients to choose from.
– Change the gradient direction.
– Save at full resolution.
– Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email and other apps.

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