Simple Shot, Busy Week

I continue my training for the Chicago Marathon in early October – so far my longest run is 16 miles. Between the extra running and work, I’ve been really busy and pretty tired. As I was getting back from a run the other day I noticed some really big clouds had started to pop up just as the sun was heading down. Despite being rather sweaty I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few shots.

The original shot looked like this.

Clouds/Steeple, original shot.

I then used a few apps to make a few changes. I first used Image Straightener to straighten the church steeple. After saving the image I brought it in to Simply B&W to do the conversion. I believe I used the red filter, applied a bit of grain to the shot, and added a bit of vignette.

Once I saved that photo I used TouchRetouch to remove the phone line that ran through the middle of the shot and the bright ‘spot’ between the steeple and the tree. Finally, I used the Silver Gelatin Effect in Camera+ to give it the tint, and also added the frame.

Clouds/Steeple. Edited with several iPhone apps.

Despite my tiring run, I found it rather relaxing to create the image. Always helps to have a church steeple near your house when looking for a photo.

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