Here Comes Trouble — iPhone 5, iOS 6, and iCloud

The new iPhone 5 is almost here. Two million of them were sold in a mere 24 hours. I’ve decided to pass on this upgrade. My iPhone 4S is a great phone, and the upgrade to the camera wasn’t quite enough to get me to cough up the extra money to do an early upgrade. Even though I won’t get the new phone, I’ll still get to play with the new operating system for the iPhone called iOS 6. It has a wealth of new features including the panorama photo and the ability to share Photo Streams. It will be released in just two days.

I recently showed the new panoramic feature on iOS 6, and the video below shows a bit of the sharing feature. I’m not entirely sure if it is worth watching, but put it up here anyway 🙂

With the new Photo Stream you’ll be able to create albums on the site. The albums can shared just with specific people or the public. Apple highlights this new feature here.

During the next few days more than two million new iPhones will be unboxed. That is two million new cameras. Millions of current iPhone users will be downloading/installing iOS 6. Millions will be signing up to use iCloud with lots and lots of new photos. Millions will be telling Siri to “Take a Photo” (which will now start the camera app under iOS 6). With all this new stuff only one thing can happen — trouble.

Every year when Apple releases the new iPhone the web gets inundated with a LOT of data going back and forth. I’m willing to be that Apple servers will be overloaded and lots of people will be complaining about it. In the last few days there have already been a few issues with the iCloud email and iMessages. During this upcoming week of Apple cheer try to stay calm. It may take a few extra hours or days, but sooner or later you’ll get things up and running.

Relax. Take a few deep breaths. And enjoy your new iPhone, iOS, and iCloud PhotoStreams.

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