Updates and More Updates, iOS 6 is Here!

The brand new iOS 6 has arrived and a lot of people are updating this evening, including me with my iPad 3 (aka Retina iPad). The installation went smoothly, but my wifi no longer worked. I would try to connect and it would open an Apple page which said “could not find” or some such error page. Lots of others are having this problem and I dug up enough info to get mine to work. [see update below]

On the iPad 3 follow this procedure:

  • Settings > General and set Siri to off.
  • Turn off your wifi.
  • Go to Settings > Safari and select Clear History and Clear Cookies.
  • Go back to General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. This will restart your iPad.
  • Then turn your wifi back on and select your network.

This seemed to work for me although I can’t promise it will for you. The problem is definitely widespread as it has shown up on many websites. NOTE: I’m not sure all these steps were necessary, but it worked for me.

So besides iOS 6, a ton of other updates have been rolling out. Just a few are listed below. Some of these updates are gigantic, such as iPhoto for iOS being able to handle 36.5 MP images. I’ve updated about 30 apps in the past few hours. I’m sure they will keep rolling in.

  • iPhoto
  • Photogene for iPad
  • Halftone
  • FlickrStackr for Flickr
  • Filterstorm
  • Color Splash

This is just a few of the updates that I noticed on my iPhone/iPad. I guess I like them 🙂


Some say that Apple has fixed the wifi issue. Others have reported a solution.

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