Panorama Goes Vertical

IOS users tend to be brave and from stats on the web 15% of you have already upgraded to iOS 6. That is a lot of people! I’m sure the number of panorama photos on Flickr (and other sites) will start to increase rather quickly since this is now a built in feature of the camera app. Most are used to a traditional horizontal panorama that shows a gorgeous landscape (or just my street), but never forget the vertical approach.

Street view

I went out as the sun was setting and did a horizontal shot, and then I lined a vertical shot. It is rather easy to spin around to get a horizontal shot since you can constantly watch the little arrow and try to keep it lined up. Vertical shots are far more challenging. I took this one in a hand held way and just rotated my hand around. I couldn’t keep an eye on the little arrow, so I was “flying blind” on the alignment. This would be so much easier with a nice tripod.


Both images are over on Flickr, so feel free to view far more pixels there.

It will also be interesting to see how other apps do with these gigantic (20MB+) images. Camera+ crashed on me once (worked the 2nd time) when trying to save the horizontal shot which is slightly larger in file size than the vertical shot.

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